Top Reasons Why You Should Be a Taxi Driver

If you’ve always thought about driving yellow cabs in New York or black taxis in London, maybe it’s time to turn this dream into an actual career choice. Driving cabs is a fantastic main job or side gig for many people. There are many other benefits to this type of work, such as flexible hours or the fact that you can be your own boss. Here’s our breakdown of the top reasons why you should be a taxi driver!

The Importance of Taxis 

Firstly, everyone knows that taxis save lives. Cabs are some of the essential transportation services in big cities, and many people use them instead of buying a vehicle of their own. They also make it very simple to catch a ride if you’re in a rush. Moreover, taxis don’t require you to schedule or call for a ride beforehand, and they’re available 24/7. However, the services have advanced nowadays. It’s possible to book rides online and through apps, making taxis even more convenient.

Additionally, many people ride taxis due to their affordability. Even with longer distances, for example, traveling to airports, the rides end up being much cheaper compared to if you were paying for your own car’s gas and parking. That way, cabs help passengers save cash and also lower their stress levels. Also, they’re a fantastic option for tourists. 

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Regular Work 

Even with popular rideshare services like Uber, traditional taxi companies are holding on to their own. There will always be a need for them, which means that the demand for cab drivers is high. If you’d love to drive for a living, finding a job will be fairly simple. 

Firstly, it requires you to have a driver’s license and a year of experience in driving. Then, depending on your region, you might need a taxi driver’s license or an operator’s license. For example, you’ll need to register in England or in the U.S. if you want to drive a cab in those countries. 

Moreover, some services may require you to have your own vehicle, while others will supply you with one. Also, there are two ways of working, i.e., as a public or for-hire (private) driver. Depending on your preference, you may have to pass additional checks or tests. Still, driving taxis provides work for over 200,000 people in the U.S. While it’s a different gig compared to your standard 9–5 jobs, it can appeal to many people who like driving and the ability to pick their own work hours.

Flexible Hours

When it comes to flexible hours, taxis are perhaps the most obvious example of avoiding the traditional 9–5 work routine. Essentially, they allow you to choose your preferred working hours. This is one of the best reasons why you should be a taxi driver. Also, part-time or extra hours are always an option. That means they’re a great gig for people who have a busy lifestyle and do not want to get bogged down by standard office hours. Others who are night owls or prefer to work in other specific times of the day (i.e., early morning) can also benefit from driving a cab. 

What’s more, If you have a baby or are studying in college, flexible hours can truly make a difference. The same applies to instances where people have a second job or professional hobby that takes up most of their time. The only drawback of this is that some hours tend to be much busier than others. After all, the goal is to collect as many passengers as you can, so picking weekday afternoon shifts may not always be lucrative. 

Good Money

Driving cabs is an in-demand job, and services are constantly looking for new hires. Data for the U.S. shows that drivers make an average of around $33,000 per year. That excludes tips on each ride, which could bump up your income even further. And, if you pick the right working hours, you could boost your profits. 

What’s more, depending on your state, you could earn much more than the average salary. For instance, taxi drivers in some states like Florida or Illinois can make $40,000 to $50,000 per year. 

But, new drivers could encounter some set-up costs. That may include buying a vehicle or paying for gas, licenses, and taxi insurance. You may not have to pay for all of those costs, though. Most taxi services will offer license reimbursements, and they might even provide food during the workday. 

Be Your Own Boss 

Finally, driving taxis is among the easiest professions in which you can run the show and work for yourself. If you love to drive, you can start working fairly quickly. Plus, since you can determine your own hours, you won’t have anyone to answer to anyone but to yourself and your passengers. 

If you own a vehicle, you could essentially be self-employed. That means cab drivers don’t have to deal with higher management, human resources, and other drawbacks of traditional jobs. You can simply get in the driver’s seat, pick your favorite music, and cruise around while looking for new passengers. But, this may be challenging for those who aren’t so big on their people skills. Still, it’s easy to get used to being nice to passengers and making them feel comfortable. This career path also allows you to meet tons of people daily, and you will always have some company during your shift. 


As you can see, driving taxis has a lot of benefits and perks that you may not get in traditional jobs. If you’re looking to start your career, it’s time to get behind the wheel, start driving, and get paid! Good luck!