How to maintain your cat tail butt plug’s majestic fluff?

Cat tail butt plugs are simply beautiful. To see the fluffy tail dangling royally in between soft butt cheeks is a sensuous specter altogether. The very sight of it will turn on your man any moment. But then, your cat tail won’t remain new forever. It will tend to accumulate dirt and dust over time that might make it thinner and limp. Now, what’s in a cat tail if it’s not fluffy anymore? Well, the best way to ensure your cat tail butt plug remains anew and majestically forever is regular maintenance. Do you already own a cat tail butt plug and proud of it? That’s great- but be careful about its maintenance to keep it fluffy, fresh and anew.

The post below offers a brief on how to care for your cat tail butt plug.

Gentle brush

Your cat tail care would start from the very moment you receive the beauty at home. If it is being shipped to your place, chances are high that a few strands of fur or fiber might have loosened en route. So, after you receive the plug, take it out and give it a light brush. It will help to shed all the loose fur or fiber sticking to it. But, don’t do anything harsh to it. It means you should never bend them or roll them or pull them. The bottom-line is, don’t do anything that might put pressure on the tail.

In regards to brushing, you will have to do it every time it dries up after washing. It would be great if you can have a separate brush especially for your cat tail butt plug.

Regular washing is important

This is one of the basic maintenance tips that you should follow with every adult toy including your cat tail butt plug.

First, you will wash it just after you will receive it. The toy might have smell left from manufacturing process. If the toy can be boiled, boil it in clean water mixed with baking soda. But, do make sure to take out the tail before putting the plug in the boiling water. However, if the tail is not detachable, you can’t put the toy in boiling water even if the plug material is heat resistant. In that case, a mix of warm water and soap would do. You can use your regular mild dishwasher detergent here. It might seem to be a good idea to use antibacterial soap- but don’t. These kinds of soaps tend to leave residue on the toy surface which could be harmful for your skin. Remember, these toys will go inside your body. So, don’t let it come in contact with something that won’t be safe for your body.

Besides, you should always clean the plug and the tail before and every each play session. Yes, you would be too tired to clean it immediately after use but then it’s something that’s absolutely mandatory. So, there is no question of skipping out on it. We have already mentioned suitable cleaning agents for cleaning your plug and tail. The other two important cleaning agents are acetone as well as nail-polish remover. However, the safest option would be to go for an adult toy cleaner as it is especially made for cleaning adult toys.

Be mindful with lubricant

The lubricant you use plays a great role in determining the overall health of your cat tail plug. You will have to use good deal of lubricant while inserting and removing the toy. It’s natural for the lube to drip into the tail and get stuck into it. You must wash off the lube properly from the tail after every use. There should not be any remnant of the lube left on the tail after cleaning. In that light, it’s better to use a lube that could be washed off easily. Water-based lube would be the most convenient option here.

According to experts, you should opt for spot cleaning while wiping the lube off your cat tail. Damp a clean cloth in warm soapy water and dap it in places where you can see lube residues. Don’t wet the whole tail and mostly focus on areas which need cleaning. After that, you can just wash the fur in cold water.

Rinse gently

After you wash the toy, make sure to rinse it thoroughly. There should not be any soapy residue left in the toy. But, be gentle with your approach and do not use any sort of scrubber or brush here. And before you touch the plug and tail for rinsing, wash your hands properly with an organic soap.

Dry it properly

Do not ever put the toy back in its box without drying. If the toy is locked up in a damp state, it will soon harbor mold and mildew which is definitely not great for your toy. Can you even digest the horror of inserting a mold-infested butt plug into your anus? Forget inserting, would you even have the courage to touch it even? Certainly not. So, be careful to dry up the tail and the plug before storing it. You can air dry the toy here.  Don’t use hair-dryer or don’t put the toy under scorching sun. You can hang it in a cool shady space where it can get good breeze. But, then, don’t hang the toy upside down. In other words, don’t hang the tail by its tip. Rather, you should hang it by its base. After the tail and plug dry up properly, give the tail a nice brush to keep it fluffy and soft.

Be careful of storage

The health of your cat tail plug depends a lot on your storage efficacy.  You have to store the toy in a cool dry place which is far away from extreme temperature conditions. You can’t certainly keep the toy on your window sill that basks in sunlight every day. Then, always store your cat tail butt plug in a clean bag. But, don’t mix it with other adult toys in your closet. Each of your toys should have its own separate bag. If you follow all of these tips, then you can make sure that these fluffy loveplugs will retain their quality, and enjoy them longer!