How to maintain your cat tail butt plug’s majestic fluff?

Being the perfect kitten for your owner requires you to adopt the mannerism of a cat. To get into your role as best as you can, you should create an appropriate outfit. Fortunately, the selection of products on the market is so broad that you can turn into a sexy kitten within moments.

Aside from cat ears, makeup, and a body costume, you will also need a tail to complete your look. Thanks to the expansion of the petplay kink, there is a wide range of tail butt plugs available both online and at land-based sex shops. Not only will your tail be pleasing to your partner’s eye but your touch as well.

Nevertheless, every animal tail plug requires maintenance, and cat tail plugs are no exception. They call for more care than standard anal toys because of the combination of materials they are made of.

The Design of Cat Tail Butt Plugs

A cat tail plug is designed so that it stimulates your anus while turning your behind into that of a cat. It is a standard anal plug with a cat-like tail made of faux fur attached to it. You can choose yours based on the size and material of the plug or the length, color, and fluffiness of the tail.

Kitten play is among the most common types of petplay, so it comes as no surprise that the selection of cat tail plugs is so broad. There is a variety of options you can choose from when picking your spirit cat. In fact, you can become any cat you want to be — from the domestic shorthair to the fancy Persian cat.

You can also be imaginative and create your own feline persona. There are not many rules to petplay. The point is to reveal your wild side and follow your primal instincts. However, there is one requirement that you have to meet to enjoy the experience — you must be creative. Therefore, expand your horizons and fashion your tail in your mind — once you know what you are looking for, you will have no trouble finding it. 

Butt Plug Maintenance

When it comes to choosing your butt plug, there is more to it than esthetics. Although it is vital to be satisfied with its appearance, it is crucial to be practical. You need to clean and maintain your plug (and every other sex toy you use) adequately to avoid any infections.

That is why you should opt for a butt plug made of a non-porous material, such as silicone or stainless steel. You need to clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap after each use. Anal play is fun, but it comes with certain responsibilities. The hygiene of your anal toy is just as essential as your personal hygiene.

However, you must not forget about the fluffy part of your plug. You want it to look as real as possible, so you have to maintain it carefully. Otherwise, you risk looking like a stray cat rather than a pet.

Cat Tail Butt Plugs: Cleaning Guide

You may think that caring for the tail part of your plug is the same as caring for any other item made of faux fur. However, due to its design, the tail can easily be damaged if you clean and dry it incorrectly. It can lose its shape or even break as a result of improper maintenance.

Since faux fur is easier to maintain than real fur, you can submerge your tail in warm, soapy water. Nevertheless, you must be gentle while cleaning it so that you don’t damage its structure. You should also avoid strong detergents and steer clear of a washing machine for the same reason.

You cannot store your tail plug as soon as you finish cleaning it. Otherwise, it can accumulate mold and unpleasant smells and even become harmful for your body. Instead, you should pat it down with a towel to absorb the moisture and then dry it with a hairdryer at a low temperature.

Once you have cleaned and dried your tail, it is time for the final touch. You need it to be fluffy and soft for next use, so you have to brush it gently so that the hairs do not get tangled.

Storing a Cat Tail Butt Plug

Storing your tail plug is just as critical as cleaning it properly. You cannot put it just anywhere — sun and heat exposure can damage the material of your toy. Since you want your tail plug to last, you ought to store it in a cool, dry place, preferably in a box.

Moreover, if you have a collection of sex toys, you should not mix them all together. If you do, you can compromise their quality as particular materials can be reactive to each other. Instead, you can place every toy in a separate bag before putting it away.

Finally, you need to take care of the shape of the tail part of your plug. Folding it can deform it, so you must be extra careful when choosing a place to keep it. 

Final Thoughts

Engaging in kitten play calls for you to be instinctive, but not reckless. In addition to taking care of yourself and your partner in the process, you also need to maintain the gear you use. Cat tail plugs may require more care than any other sex toy, but they are worth it. 

Be responsible and clean your plug after every use — do not postpone it until later. You would hate to find yourself in a situation where you need it, only to find it lying beside your bed, waiting to be cleaned. If you follow all of these tips, then you can make sure that these fluffy loveplugs will retain their quality, and enjoy them longer!