How to Have Perfect Car Sex

For years now, people have considered sex in public sacred. With little to none taboo left in the modern world about it, we’ve been trying to push boundaries even further. Unfortunately, new ideas are few and far between. Well, yes… that’s if you don’t count getting naughty in public.

We’ve all heard of the mile-high club and couples that enjoy getting down during a flight. Yes, that sure sounds delicious, but it’s not like many of us are going to experience it. So what’s left for people who love to experiment with the danger of getting caught — car sex! Yup, it’s a prime example of edgy public sex we all crave.

Why Is Car Sex Appealing to Couples?

Cars are the modern symbol of America. They’ve become so standard that most of us probably don’t even know what life was like without them. It’s like we all live inside George Lucas’ “American Graffiti,” mindlessly driving around town, looking for fun and action. For better or worse, that’s the world we live in today.

So if we’ve grown so accustomed to automobiles, why not incorporate other activities while driving ‘em? The car gives us autonomy and the feeling of that youthful freedom we all want. Cruising around with our partner on the passenger seat, we become Bruce Springsteen’s fictional characters — young, lustful, and born to run.

However, it’s not just about feeling free — it’s about taking a risk too. And yes, cars are private property, but we drive and park them in the open. The slightest chance of being seen while doing something intimate inside them is a major turn-on for a ton of people. It’s somewhat similar to having kinky sex in a public bathroom.

Tinted Windows

A great way to make sure you stay away from the public eye while having sexual activities in your car is to get tinted windows. The whole point is to make sure no one sees you, while you and your partner can watch people walk around. It’s an old trick people use all the time. We’re sure you’ve seen a tinted limousine pass you by wondering what was going on inside of it. Probably something exciting.

Luckily, tinted car windows aren’t all that expensive anymore. Your car doesn’t even have to be a limo for these windows to look good on it. Tinted glass can match any car, so getting it might actually be a great idea. Just think about you and your partner getting all dirty while passers-by are wandering around your car like nothing is going on.

The thrill of being exposed while simultaneously being safe from the looks of others can prove to be a major turn-on for the two of you. You don’t want an elderly couple shocked and deeply disturbed because they’ve seen some indecent exposure in public, don’t you? It’s about being provocative but also not really provocative.

Use Curtains

If you’re not willing to spend your hard-earned cash on tinted windows, you can always go for a cheaper alternative. Curtains are an inexpensive but effective way of covering what’s going on inside your vehicle. Even if they might not look all that great, they’ll still serve their purpose. After all, you just need a temporary cover.

Unfortunately, the two of you won’t be able to see through them and watch people go by. However, you’ll still be able to watch the shadows of passers-by dancing on your curtains. These covers work great if you own a van. They’re pretty much standard in those old, cool-looking, retro-hippy vehicles from the late ’60s.

Look for Secret Places

Taking your date to see the panorama of your hometown has become such a trope, there are not many couples who haven’t tried it. The distant city lights, busy streets, and crowded boulevards — it’s just a lovely sight. But is that the best that we can do? How about being more original and innovative and trying to find someplace that’s not so popular?

Driving around your town will help you find a spot that’s not that crowded. Try to search for an alley or a quiet street — it shouldn’t be that hard to find a cozy nook. You can also wander under your local bridge or even the apartment block/complex nearby. All these places can prove to be provocative enough for the two of you to get down and naughty.

Unlike with motels or hotel rooms, there’s no payment involved, so consider it a free trial and error ride. Experimenting will help you find a place that suits you and your partner best.

Get to Know Where It’s Free and Legal to Park

An important thing to consider when going for car sex is if what you’re doing is legal. You don’t want the neighbors to call the cops on you and ruin your date. There are not many things worse than a police officer knocking on your window while you’re in the middle of having fun with your lover.

It could be both uncomfortable and impossible for you to carry on later. So don’t be silly and naive while planning your sex outing. Think about whether it’s safe and legal to park your car in the place you’ve chosen. Look for parking signs or if other people are hanging around.

Not only is there a chance of cops showing up, but all sorts of people can be wandering around at night in suspicious places. That’s why it’s important to investigate before you decide on a place.

Be Mindful of Your Accessories

Playing around in your car can be awesome, but it’s a bit constricting. There isn’t exactly enough room for maneuvering like on your king-size bed. It’s a tight space meant for other things. Even in the largest pickup truck or the most expensive limo, you’d need to be mindful of what sex positions could work.

Therefore, picking the most practical clothes is key to a good experience. Dressing yourself up in a beautiful prom-like dress or some tight pants isn’t exactly the brightest idea. You should look for something that can easily go off since sex in a car often starts quickly. You don’t want your clothes to be an obstacle.

Your basic pair of jeans and a T-shirt will work just fine. It can get even easier if you go for sweatpants, shorts, or a skirt. These items come off quickly, with no fuss; hence, you’ll be able to go for a quicky if need be. Once again, even if you believe car sex is best when it’s spontaneous, it’s even better when you plan for it the right way.