How to Have Perfect Car Sex

For years now, people have considered sex in public sacred. With little to none taboo left in the modern world about it, we’ve been trying to push boundaries even further. Unfortunately, new ideas are few and far between. Well, yes… that’s if you don’t count getting naughty in public.

We’ve all heard of the mile-high club and couples that enjoy getting down during a flight. Yes, that sure sounds delicious, but it’s not like many of us are going to experience it. So what’s left for people who love to experiment with the danger of getting caught — car sex! Yup, it’s a prime example of edgy public sex we all crave.

Why Is Car Sex Appealing to Couples?

Cars are the modern symbol of America. They’ve become so standard that most of us probably don’t even know what life was like without them. It’s like we all live inside …

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My Experience Wearing Vibrating Panties

Where Do I Even Begin?

Let me introduce myself first. I’m a working woman in her 30s who has had a wonderful boyfriend for a few years now. Unfortunately, we hit a wall in our bedroom activities. Things just got a little boring. Yeah, I know that’s very sad, especially when you’re like us and enjoy sex.

Saddened by our circumstances, we go on a quest to find something that would help us out. I’m not talking about couples counseling because nothing is wrong with either of us. We just needed new things to try!

That’s when my love came up with something behind my back. I didn’t think I’d ever say I’m glad he did something without me knowing.

In short, I had a go at wearing vibrating panties, and it was so incredible that I want everyone to know about it. No, I don’t think this is too …

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Things You Leave in Cabs That Drivers Absolutely Hate

Have you ever wondered what makes cab drivers mad? People leave things behind them after a ride, and, sometimes, drivers will hate them because of it. Here is a list of things you leave in the cab that drivers will absolutely hate.


If you want to make a cab driver hate you, the syringe is the way. People often forget that cabs are not business vehicles, but family cars as well. According to some cab driver stories, people left syringes behind them after a fare, which is wrong on so many levels.

Even if we don’t assume the worst (that the person was doing drugs), it is still something you shouldn’t do. The next customer can sit on it by accident, and the last thing you need is to worry about what kind of syringe it was.

So don’t do drugs, and don’t leave syringes behind you. There is …

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How to maintain your cat tail butt plug’s majestic fluff?

Being the perfect kitten for your owner requires you to adopt the mannerism of a cat. To get into your role as best as you can, you should create an appropriate outfit. Fortunately, the selection of products on the market is so broad that you can turn into a sexy kitten within moments.

Aside from cat ears, makeup, and a body costume, you will also need a tail to complete your look. Thanks to the expansion of the petplay kink, there is a wide range of tail butt plugs available both online and at land-based sex shops. Not only will your tail be pleasing to your partner’s eye but your touch as well.

Nevertheless, every animal tail plug requires maintenance, and cat tail plugs are no exception. They call for more care than standard anal toys because of the combination of materials they are made of.

The Design of Cat

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Cab Etiquette That Everyone Should Know

Whether you are coming back or going to a party, going to the airport, taking a city tour, or just had a couple of drinks with your friends, the chances are you can’t drive. The solution is pretty easy — you call or wave your hand, and the universe sends you a vehicle that can transport you to a location of your choice. But there’s a catch. It’s not your vehicle. So, let’s ground some basic rules you need to follow when taking a cab.

Do Not Eat in the Cab

Imagine you are in the last hour of your shift as a driver. You’re sweaty, tired, agitated, and all the other synonyms you can find for. And then someone gets in your car and starts eating a burrito or a big mac right there.

Yeah, that’s what all cab drivers feel like when you come in with junk food. …

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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do Inside Your Car

Ever since cars became widely available for the public, they became more than just a means of transport. Cars became a modern symbol of America. Just like teenagers in George Lucas’s “American Graffiti,” we still cruise around, enjoying life in many different ways.

No matter if we drive while listening to music or are purely enjoying speed on a highway, we can do all sorts of things instead of just going from A to B. Check these car tips you could use while alone or with friends when riding your trusty wheels!


We’re sure you’ve seen all those celebrities singing along with that annoying chubby British guy by now. Yup, we’re talking about “Carpool Karaoke” on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” All jokes aside, that’s a pretty neat idea. There’s nothing cooler than when a song everyone loves starts playing on the radio.

Of course, you don’t …

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Introducing Sex Toys to Your Relationship

Some people say that Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment is an allegorical novel about a man who talked up butt plugs to a partner who wasn’t into it. Although those who say this aren’t people whose opinion you should value, it does pose a question: how do you do it? We’ve all been there, right? Almost every relationship starts off with a vanilla sex life, where you go biblical before sticking anything up your butt. Your partner gives it a shy lick, and the next thing you know, you’re hanging off a ceiling via an anal hook! That is, if you’re lucky enough to be smooth about it, and your partner’s up for it.

So how do you get from normative second-date sex to browsing sex toy stores? Some people still find the use of sex toys as something taboo or something for the wicked, claiming sex toys and marriage don’t

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A day in the life of a taxi driver

Taxi drivers have been accused of many things. Inconsiderate driving, don’t use signals, don’t stop for passengers, selective driving, always sitting at coffeeshops, always complaining about gahmen.

But let’s step back and have explore their lives a little shall we?

Before we go on, do you remember the famous story last year? The one where the two taxi drivers reportedly earned between S$6,000 to S$7,000 a month?

The article went completely viral and drew disbelief. Not just that, most cab drivers express that clocking in long hours is not sustainable, not healthy and these are merely isolated success stories.

In theory cabbies’ working hours are flexible; feel like taking a nap? No one will stop you. Feel like taking a long coffee break? No one will check when you get back to work. Need to run an errand in between customers? Just turn off the sign on top …

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Tips To Prevent Popular Istanbul Taxi Scams

Taking a taxi (taksi) in Istanbul is a cheap, easy and comfortable way of transportation. But with 20.000 taxis driving around town, only a fool would believe all drivers are honest. Luckily most of them are indeed fair, but there are a rising amount of cases where tourists get hustled while taking a taxi ride in Istanbul. It’s always good to have a healthy level of suspicion. Here are the most popular Istanbul taxi scams, and how you can prevent them from happening to you. Once you’re done, don’t forget to read up on even more tips to prevent popular Istanbul taxi scams.

Making the Taxi Ride Longer

Scam — This a very common trick pulled on tourist by taxi drivers all over the world, and Istanbul is no exception to the rule. As a tourist you don’t know the shortest way to your destination, so the taxi driver can …

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9 Annoying Things You Do in Cabs, According to a Cab Driver

Driving a taxi in one of America’s urban jungles is back-breaking work with little reward. The hours are long, most of them spent sitting or schlepping 50-pound suitcases to the trunk. The pay can be awful; if a driver doesn’t make enough in a night to cover the lease of the taxi medallion and gas, he or she might go home with $0—or, worse, owe the taxi company money. And then, on top of all that, there are the people: us. The taxi universe is the service industry on steroids, with drivers encountering the spectrum of humanity, sometimes behaving its worst.

This isn’t to say cab drivers are perfect. As in any industry, there are bound to be a few shady characters who overcharge customers, keep a messy car, or just behave rudely. But most of them are trying to do right by their customers and their families, says Francis …

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