Julio Cruz is passionate about writing. He started writing articles in middle school and joined several writing competitions in college. However, after graduating from college, he had to face the reality that he won’t earn a lot of money writing, especially with the bills to pay. This is when he started driving his car to make a living, by being a cab driver.

The wit that he used to use when writing, he now uses it to entertain his passengers. He is loved by his passengers because of his killer lines, witty jokes, and stories that he shares. After all this, he could still not run away from his passion for writing. So, he kept a journal where he wrote his experiences while driving.

Aside from living a simple life as a cab driver, Julio has a supporting wife who has always encouraged him to pursue his passion. She knows how much Julio loves to write, so she started a blog and uploaded everything he wrote. She only showed it to Julio when everything was already uploaded, and he could not be happier when he was somehow published.

Fast forward to today, the blog that Julio’s wife started is now known as wheelyapp.com. He still shares his daily adventures as a cab driver while earning from ads and sponsorships.

Now, its readers can enjoy his funny stories, interesting encounters, and of course while doing what he loves the most.