A Handy Guide to Excite Your Partner about Dildos

Sex toys like dildos are not just meant to compensate for inadequacies in a sexual play. In fact, these adult toys can do wonders to enhance the entire experience for both the partners. Toy play in bedroom or shower does really add up to the fun factor to a great extent. Are you too fond of dildos and other sex toys but not sure whether your partner feels the same or not? Well, you will never get to know about it if you don’t ask her. Now, if she has never mentioned about using a dildo then possibly she is not really into it. For many women, sex toys are apparently pretty intimidating. However, you can still inspire her to try it so that both of you can enjoy the realm of dildo together.

The post below offers a brief on how to excite your partner about dildos. But, before you jump right in, it’s always a good idea to involve your partner when choosing a dildo, a quick browse on lovegasm.co/collections/dildos will surely do the trick.

Be gentle and slow with your approach

Now, topics like dildo or sex toy are pretty delicate. If you want to involve your partner in the journey, you have to approach extremely carefully. You can’t just go and tell her to try dildo from the next day just because you like it. Your partner is an independent individual. She has every right to say “no” to dildo if she is strictly against. Thus, the first thing here is to understand her bent of mind about it. Does she know about dildo and completely against it? Is she curious about it? Or, is it that she is not really sure about using a dildo because of lack of knowledge and pre-conceived limitations about it?

Be gentle with your questions. You can start off with something like- “Hey, that day I found a great lube and thought you could use it.” If she shows interest, continue with- “they were saying these lubes work great with dildos. How about we try a one?”

Now, this question is going to raise eyebrows. But, observe what she does after that? Does she show distaste and ask for no further discussion on the topic? If so, don’t proceed with the topic anymore as it may lead to unwanted misunderstandings between you two.

If she shows curiosity, then, of course, the battle is halfway won. You can straight to the point and start to explore dildos together.

But what if she seems to be little scared and apprehensive at the mention of the dildo? Well, here you will need to little bit of legwork. However, just take note, she has not said a straight “no”. She just finds the thing scary which means the road is still open. You would only need to put some extra effort to actually convince her to at least give it a second thought.

Help her to enhance her knowledge

One of the best ways to beat fears and pre-conceived prejudices is to bring the reality to the fore. And only authentic information can help to clear her doubts and fear here. In this case, you can take her to the articles and documents that explain vividly about dildo, its use and benefits. Tell her dildo is not always intimidating. There are dildos available in smaller sizes and narrower shapes that would make things comfortable for her. It’s true that some people did not have a not-so-great experience with dildos. But it could be because they chose too big a dildo or did not use it properly. There are plenty of other users who regularly use dildo and consider it as a great addition to their passionate sessions.

Take her to those articles and videos from reputed sites that won’t fake information. This way, she can be sure that she is only getting authentic information. Make her study the amazing experiences a lot of couples had with dildos. As she gets to know more about it, she will be able to get rid of her doubts, fears and psychological limitations gradually.

It’s not about any inadequacy

A lot of have this misconception that dildos are just to make up for some kind of inadequacy in partner. But the truth is even people who are completely content with their partners love to add dildos to their intimate sessions. You could be the guy who gets hot seeing a female masturbate with a huge dildo and wishes for your partner to excite you the same way. So, tell her you will find it really hot if she can do the same with a dildo. Most importantly, tell her there is no inadequacy in your sex or love life and you want to introduce dildo only to enhance the experience for both of you.

Introduce her to the great possibilities

Once she starts coming out of the fear and prejudices and begins showing interest, talk to her about the great possibilities with a dildo. Discuss the wide range of great possibilities you two can enjoy with dildos. Show her the different dildo models out there in various sizes. Also, show her videos of amazing dildo plays to excite her.  Mention about double-ended couple dildos that can be used by both men and women. When she will know that the toy can be used by you too, she will be more assured to try it.

Start shopping together

Once she gives her nod for dildo, you can start to shop together. Involve her in the process so that she can also know about the great pleasures various dildo models out there have to offer.  Let her choose the dildo based on the reviews and product features. The whole process will bring her closer to the concept and encourage her to actually try a dildo with you.

Final words

Be careful while choosing a dildo. Since it’s the first time for your partner, you should always go for a small dildo so that things don’t get too overwhelming for her right from the start. And always use a generous share of lube to make the process smooth, pain-free and more enjoyable for both of you.